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Learn to study the Bible

True understanding of any subject takes time, exploration, questioning, and reflection. Robert R. Moton, president, Tuskegee Institute writes, “When you eat fish, you don’t eat the bones. You eat the flesh. Take the Bible like that.” True understanding takes delving into the written words for insight and appreciation. A reader must flesh out the meanings and innuendos of words and passages. There is more than one approach to studying and understanding the Bible. One method for Bible study is more suitable than another depending on personal learning styles and goals. With close and analytical reading, you can read and study Scripture to enhance understanding to more completely embrace God’s Word. As understanding matures and grows, so will your grasp of The Word grow and mature. With the correct Bible study method, your faith will grow and mature as well. With the suitable reading approach, you can delve into Scripture and better comprehend and apply His Word into your spiritual and daily life.

Charles H. Spurgeon states, in How to Read the Bible, "...[one] can read a great deal and not read anything." He continues, "The eye glances, but the mind never rests. The soul does not light upon the truth and stay there. Understanding the meaning is the essence of true reading. Reading has a kernel to it, and the mere shell is little worth." Clearly, simply reading the Bible is not enough. Those looking for rewarding Bible study must become involved in the process. For complete comprehension, the reader must take time to be nourished by the Word.

Pastor Andy Deane serves as an associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in central New Jersey where he oversees a vibrant junior high ministry and has written a study guide for those wanting a better understanding of the Bible. Learn to Study the Bible offers forty different step-by-step Bible study methods to facilitate discovery, application, and enjoyment of God’s Word. Chapter topics include study methods such as: question, rethink and restate, verse by verse, chapter study, themes, and word studies. He suggests focused study by Bible types, prayers, miracles, parables, and Psalms. Pastor Andy Deane believes that you must slow down and patiently and prayerfully reflect as you read. Anyone interested in furthering their knowledge and understanding of the Bible will find this book to be an invaluable Bible study tool.

Beginner''s Bible: Birth of Jesus Multimedia


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The Purpose Of Prayer

Many people pray to make themselves feel better
when they are down. They enjoy the sense of
comfort received after they have poured out
their hearts to God. While encouragement is
an answer to prayer in and of itself, the purpose
of prayer goes further.
Jesus tells us in John 16:24 to ask. Why? So that
we can receive. Why? So that our joy can be made
"...but now ask and keep on asking and you will
receive, so that your joy (gladness, delight)
may be full and complete" (Amplified Bible).
Joy is a fruit of the Spirit that gives us
strength (see Nehemiah 8:10). Strength is what
we need to live in this world victoriously.
Answered prayer gives us joy as we experience
the love of our Heavenly Father who cares enough
to hear us when we pray and to move in our lives.
We should also ask and receive so that the
Father may be glorified.
"And I will do [I Myself will grant] whatever
you ask in My Name [as] presenting all that I AM],
so that the Father may be glorified and extolled
in (through) the Son" (Amplified Bible).
I remember once reading a testimony about a couple
who were so low in finances they could not afford
orange juice. It so happened that the wife was
getting over an illness and craved the juice. As
they walked down the street one day, a can of orange
juice rolled towards them. The husband picked up the
can and looked around to see where it came from. No
one was in sight. The man turned to his wife and
said, "Honey, I think this is for you."
That couple's spirit was boosted as they witnessed
first hand the attention of a loving God.
It proved He was with them in the midst of a
difficult situation. I'm sure as they related this
story to others, their hearts were boosted as
God doesn't want to only make you
feel better when you pray. He wants to give to you
your specific requests so that your joy will soar
and be converted into power and strength. He wants
to be show Himself strong so that others can see
His faithfulness.
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Children Bible Games

Children Bible Games
The Big Book Of Bible Games #02

In today’s fast paced life, most of the parents are always worried about the influences of media and communication in the lives of their kids. Information is accessible to the children, for any subject they want and this is a cause of concern especially with the world that we live in. Presently; children can be a soft target for many inappropriate influences. And this scenario is increasing the worries of parents. However parents can combat such influences by making sure that children find the inspiration from the correct sources. One such source, that many of us will agree, is the Bible. Introducing Bible to the children can endow them to look at life and judge outside influences.
Abingdon''s Books Of The Bible Games

But Bible can be quite an effort for children to comprehend. But this usual problem can be corrected by Bible games that are educational for your children and helps the firm footing of Biblical teachings in their hearts. The Bible games will teach your children more about the Bible and in turn more about keeping faith in life and on the other hand you will be able to have great time together as a family. When you look for Bible games for your children, you will find that there are hundreds of games available in the market. Making a choice can be difficult considering the large assortment, but you can always keep in mind your child’s interest and inclinations. Moreover, you can also choose the Bible game depending on the age of your child. One of the popular Bible game is the Settlers of Canaan. This game is centered on a Bible story and makes the children to use strategy and team work as well. The game is designed in such a way that children will enjoy the competition, and you will also enjoy the fun of coming up with strategies together and making treaties with each other as well.
Bible Puzzles Pencil Games

Not only the Bible games provide fun, but many of them also teach the children a great deal. One great learning game based on the Bible is the Ten Commandments Board Game. This game is premeditated to help you children learn more about the Ten Commandments and some basic biblical beliefs and values. Apart from the board games, you can also consider Bible computer games as many children enjoy computer games more than board games. Moreover the Bible computer games are fun and fresh-faced. It is for sure that the Bible computer games are a great way to teach your kids more about the Bible. If you want to be sure that your kids get a spiritual education that is based on the Bible, then you need to start educating them about the Bible and what it has to offer. It is better to remember that there is more to education than what is taught at school. Therefore you can always check out the educational Bible games that are available for your kids.

52 Games That Teach The Bible

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