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Surefire Ideas for a Fun Sunday School Class

You enjoy a great passion for Bible studies and the way of the Lord, but conveying that passion to a classroom of sometimes rowdy and inattentive students requires discipline and creativity. Here are some best kept secrets you can use to transform the "rigors" of Bible study into an enjoyable and memorable educational experience.
First, choose your materials wisely. So many religious texts for children are either overly dry or flowery or even insipid. Today's generation of internet-raised children need to be stimulated -- not with tons of electronic learning tools but rather with great stories that build solid morals. Talk to other Sunday school teachers about which books and materials work best in terms of reaching kids. Experiment with various stories and projects -- your kids can act as a de facto focus group to help you find the best material for your teaching style.

Along those lines, make sure you are prepared for class. Kids can tune out easily if their instructor doesn't command the space. You need not be the most eloquent public speaker or engaging personality to keep peoples' attention. But you do need to have a plan in place and to communicate that plan. Review your lesson each week. Bundle your information thematically. Bring in props or guests or materials that the kids can physically handle to make the lessons come alive.

Engage your students by answering questions -- no matter how ridiculous or potentially heretical. Kids are natural curious about God and about the world around them. If you don't know the answer to a specific Biblical question or prayer-related matter, talk to a church authority who can help you. If you’re overly rigid and dogmatic, you run the risk of turning off children and shutting down their minds.

Make religious ceremonies and prayers concrete. Try games, sports and show and tell projects to involve your students in the myths and rituals you teach. Kids naturally enjoy play acting different Biblical characters - so why not host a Bible-based talent contest? Kids can write Bible-based plays, do a Christian music dance-off, or even do Bible karaoke. Of course, you don't want to turn your Bible class into a free for all -- you do need the kids to attend to the lessons -- but you can find plenty of ways to spice up the classroom without sacrificing the profundity of your mission.

Be passionate about what you are teaching. It may have been a while since you reviewed the classic biblical tales. But the texts of Christianity are rich with important life lessons that are applicable to practically any dilemma the modern kid might face. Bring the Bible to life by letting the children see your own passion for the material. If you don't care about the lessons, how can you expect others to listen and connect with the material?

Keep order. If you have a class disciplinary problem, nip this in the bud right away. Once your classroom senses that you've lost control of the wheel, you may find it very difficult to regain order. While you don't want to be overly strict -- images of stern-faced nuns slapping disobedient children with rulers come to mind -- you do need to make sure that the kids in your class know their place. You can use your support staff to enforce rules. Your priest or administrator can help you manage particularly difficult students or emotionally tricky situations. You can also call in parents if things get really out of control. Lay out the "law of the land" early, so that kids know your expectations. Be clear and regular in your enforcement of these rules. If you go soft sometimes and overreact at other times, you will confuse the situation and undermine your authority.

Above all, lean on your abiding your love of children to see you through the tough times and to guide your instruction. You are going to make mistakes, and you will encounter classroom situations that throw you for a loop. But by leaning on that fundamental love that draws you to teach Sunday school, you can overcome obstacles.

Finally, remember that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Borrow lesson plans from other, more experienced Sunday school teachers. The internet offers a panoply of courses, ideas, and activities for Bible study. Your school may have its own curriculum that constraints you. Or you may before forced by time considerations to focus only on a set agenda. Even if you are held to rigorous constraints, find some ways to inject your personality and sense of faith into the lessons.

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Angels and Demons Are From Other Dimensions Too

If God is an interdimensional being, then that would mean angels and demons are also interdimensional beings. Heaven would be in one dimension and Hell could be in another dimension.
From the evidence I've read and according to some theories I have, the Heavenly dimension is at a higher energy frequency than this dimension and the Hell dimension is at another frequency that is lower than that of Heaven. That could be why Heaven is referred to as being up and Hell being down.
Teacher Guardian Angel Visor Clip

Angels have been able to shift to our dimension every now and then to help people. But some entities that have shifted have been humans that came in the place of angels. A mother may have been allowed to shift from the Heavenly dimension to this one to help a child years after she has died.
Retirement Angel Figure

Demons, since they come from a dimension that is a lower frequency than Heaven and maybe lower than earth, have come as spirits that can't be seen too well if they have been seen at all. They can inhabit people and cause physical harm at times. Satan is such a being. Since he isn't omnipresent like God, he can't be everywhere at once. He also doesn't want people to think he exists. That allows him to work better.
Teacher Angel Pin

Jesus was able to confront Satan after spending 40 days in the wilderness fasting because they both are able to shift between dimensions. Since Jesus comes from a dimension with a higher energy frequency, he appears to glow at times like when he met with Moses and Elijah at the Mount of Transfiguration. Satan would either not glow or would have a "shadow glow" that is darker than his surroundings.
Teacher Angel Figure

Heaven is bright because it is very energetic while Hell is pitch black since it has a lower energy frequency. Yet it is still powerful enough to retain the souls in it.
Teacher Angel Figure

The people in Heaven can see us. But they are not allowed to shift to our dimension unless God allows them to. When Christ comes back to establish his kingdom in Jerusalem, Believers will be able to shift with him from the Heavenly dimension to this one and become joint rulers of earth.
Teachers Are Angels...

Atheists don't understand interdimensional existence and don't believe in Heaven, Hell, God, angels, demons, and Satan. When a person dies and goes into the light, that means he is being shifted to either the Heaven or Hell dimensions. The energy shift would appear bright since spirits are a form of conscious energy. They can not be destroyed. It's just that after you are shifted, you normally can't shift back into this dimension. It's either Heaven or Hell. Once your destiny is set prior to death, there is no changing your ultimate destination and dimensional existence.
Teacher's Guardian Angel Figure

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SODIS Solar Water Disinfection

Studied and proven by scientists for over 25 years, SODIS is simple, inexpensive and sustainable.
Contaminated water is placed in clear plastic bottles and left on a table in the sun for a few hours. Powerful UV rays from the sun destroy harmful bacteria and make the water safe on drinkable.

The most effective vaccine against child death in Africa is a glass of clean water.

Please help us expand this life-giving program. $50 provides a Ray of Hope (SODIS table, 10 one litre bottles and a complete training program for a family of 5.
Clean water for life.

Please make your tax donation payable to "CMA Canada", designate "for the water SCH2OOL" and send to the address below. A tax receipt will be issued.

The water SCH2OOL
112 Lakeside Views Strathmore, AB T1P 1A7
Phone: 403- 934-3736

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It is not uncommon for Christian writers to receive strong negative reaction against their books. Especially if they mention faith either as a characterization, plot sequence, or even cover art. Meanwhile the writers of sci-fi, fantasy and horror books are full of pictures of demons, pentagrams, and other occult symbols and often filled with descriptions of pagan ceremonies and magic.
For the Write Reason: 31 Writers, Agents and Editors Share Their Experiences with Christian Publishing

Consequently, Christian writers are often timid in writing their stories, thinking that they won't be published or that their work will be scorned by editors who fear the Christian viewpoint may be too much like a sermon. A fear that is not completely unfounded since there seems to be an almost intentional effort to misunderstand or misinterpret Christian writings by a gang, made up of the usual suspects, who come off looking very regal and scholarly as they drag Christian books and writers through the mud. . However, Christian writers are drawing attention to themselves and the importance of religious sensitivity, dedication, and creativity by exploring new genres for their writing. In many cases, genre that was previously left to other writers like sci-fi, and horror. This in turn inspires a flood of creativity amongst all Christian writers.

In the most recent months the number of superb Christian oriented books has increased dramatically and is making readers and editors alike take notice. Especially since the books, while Christian in nature, are not written in such a way to alienate other readers.

One of the books that has created such interest is, The Centurion's Wife By: Davis Bunn and Janette Oke. It is a book about a woman named Leah who is caught up in the maelstrom following the death of an obscure rabbi in the Roman backwater of first-century Palestine. All the while having to deal with her own life troubles facing the prospect of an arranged marriage to a Roman soldier, Alban, who seems to care for nothing but his own ambitions. Head of the garrison near Gallilee, he has been assigned by Palestine's governor to ferret out the truth behind rumors of a political execution gone awry. Leah's mistress, the governor's wife, secretly commissions also to discover what really has become of this man whose death and missing body is causing such furor.
Writing to Give God the Glory: A Potpourri of Devotions, Encouragement, and Tips for the Christian Who Writes

A more traditional book that is capturing people’s attention is The Love Dare by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick. In Love Dare, the book featured in the movie Fireproof, the reader is challenged to learn the true nature of love by taking part in a 40-day guided devotional experience that leads them back to truly loving your spouse. Each day of the 40 days the book discusses a unique aspect of love and presents a specific task or dare to do for their spouse. They are then encouraged to chart their progress in a journal area.

While Christian writers are still wary and still mindful of the obstacles ahead of them they are, now more than ever, resigned to the fact that while they are almost certain to offend some people, and have others disagree, they are causing people to think, and ask questions. Which is at the very heart of any writers ambitions and dreams.
Desiderius Erasmus: Writer And Christian Humanist

Troy Morris is an accomplished writer and store owner. For information please contact; Big Fan Gifts and Collectibles

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Show Your Faith With Exquisite Christian Jewelry By : Groshan Fabiola

If you are a spiritual person, why not buy Christian Jewelry and show off to the world that you have faith in God. There are thousands of different designs and styles to choose from. You can wear the different styles in all kinds of different situations. During business occasions you might select to wear a certain less obviously spiritual item, while during church services you might wear something that truly shows off your faith. If you truly want to show off you much you love God, then Christian jewelry is for you.

Wholesale Christian jewelry sets are ideal for people who wish to buy amazing, high-quality, yet affordable items. If you want to get jewelry that matches then Wholesale Christian jewelry sets are ideal for you. If you buy Wholesale Christian jewelry sets then you can have an entire range of jewelry that will go together. You can use the items together or individually. You can even mix and match the items and not have to worry about them contrasting. Spending your money on wholesale Christian jewelry sets is a great way to get quite a bit of jewelry without having to pick from numerous sets that may or may not go together.

Christian jewelry charms fit onto almost any bracelet. These subtle items are a great way to keep your spirituality close to you and look good at the same time. There are numerous Christian jewelry charms to choose from. You can select from standard icons as well as more unique, yet still spiritual, items. If you are looking to change what you wear on a regular basis then selecting Christian jewelry charms is a choice. Buying Christian jewelry charms is a great way to use a bracelet you already own or you can buy an entirely new bracelet just for your special Christian jewelry charms.

Another great choice is Christian earrings. When you choose Christian earrings you can be assured of tons of occasions outside of church in which to wear them. There are numerous types to choose from. If you are looking to get attention then choose a larger, more ornate pair of Christian earrings. If you want something that you can wear to work or to a formal dinner, then select a set of Christian earrings that is a bit more subtle.

Faith jewelry is not just for Christians. There are numerous styles of faith jewelry that can be worn by a wide range of different religions. These items include earring, bracelets, pins and even rings. Faith jewelry is not just a great way to show off that you love God and are a spiritual person, but look great. Some faith jewelry and Christian jewelry does not even look like religious jewelry to an outsider.

There are so many different styles of Christian jewelry to choose from You can buy a wide range of items that are perfect for any occasion. Pick a few different styles and types so that no matter what you wear you will have a great piece of jewelry to go with it.

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God called Abram

"Leave your country and go to a land I will show you. I will bless you. I will make your descendants into great nation," God promised Abram.

So Abram obeyed God. He took his wife and all his possessions and left his country. When they arrived in the land called Canaan, God said to Abram, "This is the land I will give to your descendants." Abram built an altar there and worshiped God. As a sign of the promise, God changed Abram's name to Abraham.

Years later, God commanded Abraham to take his only son, Isaac, to the top of a mountain and sacrifice him to God. Abraham rose early the next morning, saddled his donkey, and cut the wood for the burnt offering. He took Isaac and they went to the place God had commanded. As they walked up the mount Isaac asked his father, "Where is the lamb for the burnt offering?" Abraham replied, "God will provide a sacrifice."

Finally, they arrived at the polace God had told him. Abraham built an altar there and placed the wood on it. Then he laid Isaac on top of the wood. Abraham held out his knife to kill Isaac as a sacrifice to God.
The angel of the Lord called out to Abraham, "Do not kill your son. Now I know how much you trust Me because you are willing to give up your son to obey Me."

Abraham looked up and saw a ram with its horns caught in a bush nearby. He knew that God had provided the ram. He offered it as a sacrifice instead of his son, Isaac.

Because Abraham trusted and obeyed God, God promised to bless him and make his descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky. God said, "Through your descendants all nations of the earth will be blessed."

Making Pancakes

Six year old Brandon decided one Saturday morning to fix his parents pancakes. He found a big bowl and spoon, pulled a chair to the counter, opened the cupboard and pulled out theheavy flour canister, spilling it on the floor. He scooped some of the flour into the bowl with his hands, mixed in most of a cup of milk andadded some sugar, leaving a floury trail on the floor which by now had a few tracks left by his kitten. Brandon was covered with flour and getting frustrated. He wanted this to be something very good for Mom and Dad, but it was getting very bad. He didn't know what to do next, whether to put it all into the oven or on the stove and he didn't know how the stove worked! Suddenly he saw his kitten licking from the bowl of mix and reached to push her away, knocking the egg carton to the floor.

Frantically he tried to clean up this monumental mess but slipped on the eggs, getting his pajamas white and sticky. And just then he saw Dad standing at the door. Big crocodile tears welled up in Brandon 's eyes.
All he'd wanted to do was something good, but he'd made a terrible mess.

He was sure a scolding was coming, maybe even a spanking. But his father just watched him. Then, walking through the mess, he picked up his crying son, hugged him and loved him, getting hisown pajamas white and sticky in the process! That's how God deals with us.. We try to do something good in life, but it turns into a mess. Our marriage gets all sticky or we insult a friend, or we can't stand our job, or our health goes sour. Sometimes we just stand there in tears because we can't think of anything else to do. That'swhen God picks us up and loves us and forgives us, even though some of our mess gets all over Him. But just because we might mess up, we can't stop trying to 'make pancakes' for God or for others.

Sooner or later we'll get it right, and then they'll be glad we tried... I was thinking and I wondered if I had any wounds needing to be healed, friendships that needrekindling or three words needing to be said, sometimes, 'I love you' can heal & bless! Remind every one of your friends that you love them. Even if you think they don't love back, you would be amazed at what those threelittle words, a smile, and a reminder like this can do. Just in case I haven't told you lately... I LOVE YA!!!
Suppose one morning you were called to God; do all your friends know you love them?
Send this to everyone you love, and send it back to the person who sent it to you..
And never stop'making pancakes.

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Could God use you in Internet Evangelism?

By Rusty Wright, Probe Ministries

Could God use you to reach people for Christ via the Internet? The answer may surprise you!
I’m no techie!“How could I ever use the Internet to reach people for Christ?” you might wonder. “I’m no techie. I know how to send email and read the news online, but that’s about it.”
I can identify with that. My technical knowledge is limited. For many years, I was even hesitant to use an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) at the bank, for fear I would do something stupid and it would swallow my card.

Gradually, I overcame my technophobia and began to use computers for word processing. But I used somewhat primitive setups. Only in 1998 did I switch from the rather archaic DOS operating system to Windows because a friend said I should “get with the 90s before the 90s are over!”
What are your talents?We all have talents and abilities. A key to usefulness is making our talents available to God. Your talents may be in building friendships, engaging in conversations, answering questions, inspiring people, or telling stories. God certainly can use those. Here’s a story that may encourage you.

My own interests involve communication, especially relating Christ to secular audiences. Over the years, I’ve written numerous evangelistic articles to help reach nonbelievers. Several years ago, a couple of friends involved in Internet ministry, Keith Seabourn and Allan Beeber, asked me to send them all my articles so they could put them “online.”
I didn’t understand all that meant, but they said it would make the articles available free to people around the globe. That seemed like a good thing.

Keith’s website, Leadership University aimed to collect thousands of articles supporting the validity of Christian faith. Allan’s Evangelism Toolbox became an online “Yellow Pages” (directory) of evangelism resources. They helped introduce me to Internet outreach.
Are you ready for the digital revolution?At a convention in Amsterdam a few years ago, I saw a brochure that said, “The Great Commission is Going Digital; Are You Ready?” That piqued my interest. Maybe God wanted me to focus my energies on Internet Evangelism.
The brochure spoke of the then-fledgling Internet Evangelism Coalition. I started to hang out with these folks – wonderful people – and to learn from them. I began to write more for the web and various articles appeared online.

Another friend encouraged me to do a Google search on my name. I was amazed to see page after page of my articles on websites that I had never heard of!
I also discovered a number of other “Rusty Wrights” including …
a platform tennis player
a university professor
a football coach
a singer
a rodeo cowboy
a racecar driver
a cruise ship captain
a convict

The simplicity and pervasive nature of the Internet was allowing people to find and use these articles in ways I had never imagined. I could sit with my laptop in my office, on an airplane, or in a hotel room and compose an article that would tactfully nudge people toward Christ or biblical principles. Then, by pushing a button, I could send it to Internet publishers who would make it available to people around the globe.
This seemed almost too good to be true. What a potential for spreading Good News!

A simple prayerIn August 2003, while jogging one morning, I felt impressed to pray that within a year, I would be aware of 100 websites that had used my articles. (At the time, I was aware of 43.) There wasn’t an audible “voice from heaven” or handwriting on the sidewalk; just a strong inner impression that I should pray this.
A year later, I learned of the 100th site that had used this material. Some sites published the articles and others linked to them. The articles appeared in several languages: English, Spanish, Albanian, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, and Polish. People just kept translating and posting them. It seemed beyond my control or ability. God gets the glory for this.
A surprising number of the sites were not Christian. For instance, one site linked to a version of the article Elvis Has Left the Building which traces fascination with Elvis Presley and its spiritual implications. An Argentine medical school website published a translation of One Minute After Death, about near-death experiences.
Some secular newspaper sites ran material. Personal websites and “blogs” (web logs) linked to articles. I did not contact all these websites, asking them to use my articles. Many content managers simply found the articles on the web and used them.
God’s sense of humorI even found one article link on a porn site.
I should clarify. The evangelistic article is entitled Dynamic Sex: Unlocking the Secret to Love.

It presents a biblical perspective on sex and love but is written to grab and hold the attention of non-Christians. And no, I did not discover this link by surfing porn sites! I typed the article title into Google. I do pray that many websurfers who go to that site looking for pornography will find Jesus. God has a sense of humor!
Again, God gets all the glory for this. If you have interest, many of these seeker- and skeptic-friendly articles are at Probe Ministries.
What can you do?Internet evangelism offers you a dazzling array of possibilities to communicate Christ. Writing articles is just one method. You may want to interact with unbelievers in a chat room, correspond via email, communicate on a blog, design your own website, pray for and/or support web outreach financially.
You can also encourage your church or Christian group to participate in ‘Internet Evangelism Day’. This international focus day program helps Christians learn more about the potential of the Web for outreach. Their site explains how to create a short focus program to include in church services or other activities.
The important thing is to ask God what He would have you do. As Mary told the servants in John 2:5, “Whatever He [Jesus] says to you, do it.”
Ask God to enlarge your borders. He did it for Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:10).

Rusty Wright is an author, syndicated columnist and university lecturer with who has spoken on six continents. He holds Bachelor of Science (psychology) and Master of Theology degrees from Duke and Oxford Universities, respectively.
Copyright © Rusty Wright 2004. Permission granted to re-use this article in print.

Selling the Dream: How to Promote Your Product, Company, or Ideas - & Make a Difference - Using Everyday Evangelism

Selling the Dream: How to Promote Your Product, Company, or Ideas - & Make a Difference - Using Everyday Evangelism

In a new guide to successfully selling, managing, and marketing, the Apple Computer marketing genius shares the secrets of his unique evangelical business style. Reprint.

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Religious Tapestries: Weaving Faith with the Arts

For centuries people have searched for ways of expressing their faith through the arts and tapestry is one method of providing a vehicle for their inspiration. The passion for art, entwined with the spirituality of religion has ensured these works have retained their popularity from the middle ages to the present day.

Spirituality through the ages ">Religious tapestries have continued to appeal through time. When one acknowledges the tremendous ways in which spiritual matters test faith and affect the heart and soul, the drama and vividness of the work is realised. The beauty of a religious tapestry gives a glimpse of what life beyond that on earth might be and has delivered hope in uncertain times when belief in religion may have been tested. The Glory of Christ, designed by Graham Sutherland in Coventry Cathedral is such an example. Adorning the altar area of the rebuilt cathedral the tapestry was intended to inspire those citizens of the city who experienced some of the most destructive bombings in World War 2 and is now the focus of a Peace centre.

Visions of Faith
Tapestries with a religious or spiritual theme are available in different forms and approaches to faith. This reflects the diverse way in which spirituality is expressed by believers, and in using art a belief can be expressed powerfully without words. Many "> tapestries ;/a>have a base in Christianity, however others are more abstract, using different forms to express belief. Legend, angels, mythology and other concepts have been used to express spirituality. Tapestries representing Christian beliefs continue to be popular for those interested in using them in home décor. One example is, “Be Not Afraid”, based on a reproduction by the American artist Greg Olsen. The use of light in guiding the way and Christ reaching out to help a child demonstrates the core value of faith and the essence of Christianity itself. Similarly themed tapestries include the Crucifixion, the Trinity and the Last Supper. Religious tapestries have also been adapted from the great paintings of artists such as Michelangelo, Tom DuBois, El Greco and Fra. Angelico.

Less definitive perspectives on religion can also be tastefully incorporated into interior design. An example might be Mary Baxter St Clair’s perspective of the Messenger of Love, showing an angel offering gifts of roses to symbolise love. Delicate colouring allows spiritual beliefs to be incorporated into a modern home, blending with the décor, and at the same time imparting a powerful message through art.

Timeless connections
Tapestries with spiritual or religious themes are likely to remain popular for years to come, finding a place in the hearts and homes of many. Faith often evokes strong feelings, and the art expressed through lt;a href=" ">tapestry has the power to enable people to affirm and connect with spirituality, in ways that sometimes cannot be expressed through the spoken word. A faith based tapestry is a beautiful work of art that allows that spiritual connection to be made in a sincere yet powerful way.

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Angela Dawson-Field writes on a number of subjects, including history and tapestry & textile art. She divides her time between writing and the Tapestry House.

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how to make christian friends

How to Make Christian Friends

By: Nathan Martyn

Once you become a Christian, it is important to fellowship with other believers that will help you grow in your faith and support your spiritual journey. This may be easier said than done if you had been hanging out with a crowd of folks that don t understand your new conversion. And what if you re single? You will probably want to find other Christian singles to date to ensure that you spend time with people who share your faith and values. You can meet other Christians in your church or you can go online to meet folks the way the rest of the world does today. There are plenty of great resources that provide a vehicle for Christians to get together to chat, share interests and develop friendships.

Christian Dating Sites

If you are a Christian single looking to meet others for a dating relationship, there are many Christian dating sites to help you find Mr. or Miss Right. There are websites across the globe specifically dedicated to Christians so you can find a person of your faith no matter where you live. If you decide to join a Christian dating website, it is a good idea to read reviews first to find the hot spots that most singles are flocking to. This is especially true in light of the fact that many of these sites charge a fee to join, and you want to get the biggest bang for your networking buck. Look for websites that include chat rooms and message boards that allow you a convenient way to communicate with other Christian singles.

MySpace Websites

To keep up with the networking trends in the secular world, Christian social sites like MySpace are cropping up around cyberspace. You can also find Christian blogs that allow you to go online and chat with others that share your ideas about faith, values and world views. Create your own MySpace profile as a way to communicate with your current friends and form new relationships. Just keep in mind that the information that goes out on these websites is available for the whole world to see. With this in mind, you might want to look into putting some blocks on your site and hiding key information that you don t want the global community to know.

Friendly Websites

Another new trend in learning how to make Christian friends online is a friendly website that is comparable to a dating service, but with friendship instead of romance in mind. These social networks are designed to help you meet people from all walks of life that you share common interests with. The sites are becoming popular in the Christian and the secular community, so it should be easy to find one that will meet your needs.

When you are a Christian, having friends who share your faith and values is an important component of your spiritual walk. By checking out some of these networking sites devoted to Christians, you can find friends and maybe even a new romantic interest to share your love of God.

Author Resource:-> Nathan Martyn is webmaster of Christian Wallpaper, a site dedicated to religious desktop backgrounds and wallpaper. For more information, please visit

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Christian Caregiving Way Of Life

Christian Caregiving Way Of Life

Christian Caregiving Way Of Life

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Christianity is Not a Religion

Have you noticed that the world wants to believe that people
are good? Even Jesus said, "Why do you call Me good? No one
is good except God" (Mark 10:18).

The bottom line is we are NOT good, and we can never become
good. Romans 3:12 tells us, "All have turned aside,
together they have become useless; there is none who does
good, there is not even one." And Psalm 53:3 says, "Every
one of them has turned aside; together they have become
corrupt; There is no one who does good, not even one."

Because of a person's evil nature, he or she needs a
Savior. People simply cannot be good enough to earn their
way to God! Unfortunately, that's what all of the world's
religions are teaching.

Most religions in the world are just a set of instructions,
rules, and regulations on how to be good enough to please
God in order to obtain His mercy. Other religions teach you
how you are your own god.

That's where Christianity is different. Christianity says,
"You cannot be good enough... for God, or to be your own

Some like to call Christianity a religion, but it's NOT a
religion. It's a relationship. Religion is man seeking God
(or a god), while Christianity is God seeking man.

We MUST have a Savior... and Jesus Christ is that Savior we
all need! Since we could not come to God because of our
sin, He came to us. He got down on our level, became human,
took our sin upon Himself and nailed it to a cross and
bought our salvation. It cost Him the life of His Son.

No greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his
life for his friends (John 15:13). Jesus layed down His
life for us while we were still sinners, we were NOT His
friends. We hated Him. The proof of that is our love for

While we had no regard for Him at all, He called us
"friends." How great is His love for us? Does it get any
deeper than that? He died for people who hated Him, and
called them friends.

Don't ever call Christianity a religion. That's like a slap
in the face to God. He paid the ultimate penalty to save
us, even when we still hated Him.

Jesus took our sin and shame from us, put it on His own
shoulders, and nailed it to a cross along with His body. He
bled and died a horrible death! That's how desperately He
wanted us.

On the third day, He arose! He walked the earth, and then
ascended into heaven. Yes, there is life after death, and
we can spend eternity in heaven with Him simply by
accepting the gift of salvation... a relationship with

Yes, Jesus is alive and well! He is the only way to God and
to heaven. He said, "No one come to the Father but Through
Me" (John 14:6).

Where are all the leaders of popular religions today? Most
are dead and buried, such as Muhammad, Buddha, and
Confucius. Those leaders who are still living on earth as a
human will soon die, and then awaken without a Savior.

We all need a Savior. That's why Christianity is not a
religion, it's a relationship.

Daniel N. Brown is an entrepreneur and teacher of biblical
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Prosperity Secrets" when you subscribe to his FREE
"Prosperous Christian" e-Letter...

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The History of Christianity

The History of Christianity

From earliest foundations and precepts to challenges of the new millennium, The History of Christianity provides a comprehensive and balanced treatment of the birth, expansion, and continuing ...

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"Be Still, And Know That I Am God"

I was recently asked to give devotions at our annual family reunion. The Bible text I used as the basis for my remarks was, "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!" (Psalm 46:10) In my family were several preachers (my grandfather was one of great stature), singers, piano players, church leaders, and good Christian men and women. I talked about the Christian heritage of our family and that through the lives of those who have gone on to their reward, God has given us that remain a message:
"Be still, and know that I am God." As I reflect on this passage, I realize that God has given us this message in many different ways. In this article I would like to share with you just a few that come to mind.
The Nature of Christians: If you are a Christian and have been faithful to the fellowship of the church, I am sure that you know many people who are devout Christians.

Have you ever stopped to think about the nature of these fine people. The fruit of the Spirit as given in Galatians 5:22,23 is evident in their lives. We can see a love for the Lord which is boundless as well as a deep love for their fellow Christians and all who are outside of Christ. As the old song says, "There is joy unspeakable" in their lives. Through good times and bad, the joy of being a Christian is ever present in their daily Christian walk. We see peace, patience and kindness at every turn. Their goodness, gentleness and self-control is a part of everything that they do.

And their faithfulness to Christ and the church are foremost in their lives. As we look at the example that these people have set for us, that message from God rings out, "Be still, and know that I am God.
"The Beauty of Nature:
Unfortunately I am not able to get out into the country and enjoy the beauty of all the things God has created. I long for the day that I can retire from my job and spend time in nature. But as I look and behold the beauty of God's creation, I truly stand in awe.

To see the beauty of the trees, flowers, shrubs and all the many varieties of plants is wonderful. To gaze into a beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds brings back memories of childhood. To watch the uniqueness and gracefulness of the many animals of creation is also a sight to behold.

To see the majesty of the Rocky Mountains or the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean we realize how small we really are. When we see these things, reach down to pick a dainty flower or feel the warm summer breeze we are reminded, "Be still, and know that I am God.

"The Bible:
Are you a student of the Bible? I certainly hope so. If you read and study it you will soon see what a wonderful book it is. It is the Word of God. In its pages you will discover over and over again the love God has for His creation, man. You will see the awesomeness of creation, the gentleness of Christ and the boldness of the apostles as they establish the church. You will learn how to overcome sin, how to praise God and how to become a Christian. In its sixty-six books you will learn how God has dealt with man. You will read of the faithful and the unfaithful. You will find books of law, history, poetry, prophecy and instruction in how to live a good Christian life. You will see Christ evident in it from Geneses through Revelation. All of the Bible is about this one glorious message, "Be still, and know that I am God.

"The Universe:
One of my favorite songs has these words: "Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds Thy hands have made. I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder; Thy power throughout the universe displayed." To sing "How Great Thou Art" and truly consider the awesome creation of God will bring a tear to your eye. To think how vast the universe is and to know that God spoke it all into existence is to know how great He is. On a clear night go outside and behold the moon and stars. You too will hear that message, "Be still, and know that I am God.

"Our Spirit:
Does your spirit long to be with God? There are times that I wish that Christ would return immediately and put an end to this wicked world and take His church to glory with Him. I know that we are to wait patiently and expectantly for His return. We are not to decide when the right time is, but rather God will decide. But nonetheless, I still long for the day that I will enter gloryland and be with God and His Son eternally. Another favorite song of mine says, "What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see. I will look upon His face, the One who saved my by His grace. He will take me by the hand, and lead me through the promised land. What a day, glorious day that will be."

Oh how I long for that day to arrive! To enter Heaven and see the angles and be able to join with them in singing praises to God. To know that we will have a new body which will not die and that we all will be in harmony on everything. Just to sit and imagine how wonderful that day will be is to "Be still, and know that I am God.

"The Nature of Life:
The very nature of life itself tells us that there is a God in Heaven. Consider that we are conceived as two microscopic parts which are joined together and emerge as a fully formed, very complex, immensely helpless being capable of growing into adults that can achieve sending man to the moon. Think of the complexity of the human body. How can we even imagine that such a miraculous creation as the human body could have developed without a Creator? Think of the emotions, thoughts and ideas that we have.

Consider the love that we have for each other as well as our Heavenly Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit. What about the pain we bear when tragedy strikes one of our loved ones. Then there is the joy and happiness of seeing a loved one graduate from high school or get married. All of this and much more concerning the nature of life itself tells us, "Be still, and know that I am God.

"Little Children:
Have you ever looked into the eyes of a little child? What did you see? Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of Heaven." (Matthew 19:14) What was Jesus talking about when He said, "of such is the kingdom of Heaven?"
He was talking about the very thing we see when we look into the eyes of a little child, pure innocence. Little children with their purity, innocence, undying love for mother and father are the very essence of Heaven. This is really what Heaven is all about. I have been fortunate as an educator to have had the opportunity to work with children. They have been a great joy and blessing to me. And it should go without saying, that when we see little children arrayed in all their love, innocence and purity we hear that familiar message from our Heavenly Father, "Be still, and know that I am God."Isn't it wonderful to know that we have a Father in Heaven who cares and loves us. Isn't it really a grand thing to know that we can take all our cares to Him and that He hears and answers prayer. I hope that this article has given you inspiration to consider all the many ways God shows us His divine existence. There are many ways that God tells us this. These thing in this article are but a few.

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Getting to Know God: If You''ve Outgrown Your Childhood God...Get to Know the God You''ll Never Outgrow

Getting to Know God: If You''ve Outgrown Your Childhood God...Get to Know the God You''ll Never Outgrow


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