Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Angels and Demons Are From Other Dimensions Too

If God is an interdimensional being, then that would mean angels and demons are also interdimensional beings. Heaven would be in one dimension and Hell could be in another dimension.
From the evidence I've read and according to some theories I have, the Heavenly dimension is at a higher energy frequency than this dimension and the Hell dimension is at another frequency that is lower than that of Heaven. That could be why Heaven is referred to as being up and Hell being down.
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Angels have been able to shift to our dimension every now and then to help people. But some entities that have shifted have been humans that came in the place of angels. A mother may have been allowed to shift from the Heavenly dimension to this one to help a child years after she has died.
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Demons, since they come from a dimension that is a lower frequency than Heaven and maybe lower than earth, have come as spirits that can't be seen too well if they have been seen at all. They can inhabit people and cause physical harm at times. Satan is such a being. Since he isn't omnipresent like God, he can't be everywhere at once. He also doesn't want people to think he exists. That allows him to work better.
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Jesus was able to confront Satan after spending 40 days in the wilderness fasting because they both are able to shift between dimensions. Since Jesus comes from a dimension with a higher energy frequency, he appears to glow at times like when he met with Moses and Elijah at the Mount of Transfiguration. Satan would either not glow or would have a "shadow glow" that is darker than his surroundings.
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Heaven is bright because it is very energetic while Hell is pitch black since it has a lower energy frequency. Yet it is still powerful enough to retain the souls in it.
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The people in Heaven can see us. But they are not allowed to shift to our dimension unless God allows them to. When Christ comes back to establish his kingdom in Jerusalem, Believers will be able to shift with him from the Heavenly dimension to this one and become joint rulers of earth.
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Atheists don't understand interdimensional existence and don't believe in Heaven, Hell, God, angels, demons, and Satan. When a person dies and goes into the light, that means he is being shifted to either the Heaven or Hell dimensions. The energy shift would appear bright since spirits are a form of conscious energy. They can not be destroyed. It's just that after you are shifted, you normally can't shift back into this dimension. It's either Heaven or Hell. Once your destiny is set prior to death, there is no changing your ultimate destination and dimensional existence.
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